Sensible advice for new mums about pelvic floor exercises

There’s a lot of good evidence which recommends pelvic floor muscle (pfm) training to avoid incontinence during and/or after pregnancy.  Yet not many women know about it, and not many are doing them!  A recent survey by health professionals revealed that one in two women say they have problems leaking urine after having their baby.

Why women should do their pelvic floor exercises after childbirth

Watch this clip ‘Midwives and physios unite to prevent pregnancy-related incontinence‘ for more information about the importance of pelvic floor exercises after childbirth.

Source CSP  (If you’re a new mum, watch to the end, as there’s some useful advice about what not to do in order to avoid making things worse.)

If you’re not sure if you are doing your pfm exercises correctly, or how strong your pelvic floor muscles are (and you live in or near Sheffield), contact me to arrange a Pelvic Floor MOT.

Listen to one of my former patients talk about how doing pelvic floor exercises properly stopped her leaking.

I see lots of women post-natally who are leaking urine and who come to me when they’ve had enough.  Invariably they’ve been trying to do pfm exercises, but have not been doing them correctly.  It’s so frustrating!  More often than not, they are dry by the time they’ve been taught how to do them properly and are following the appropriate regime.

Good luck!



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