Pelvic Floor MOT

Concerned your pelvic floor may need attention?
Contact Vicky for a Pelvic Floor MOT: a one-off session to help you avoid problems
with your waterworks, pelvic floor or pelvic organ prolapse.

A Pelvic Floor MOT takes an hour, and consists of Vicky:

  •  identifying your risks and habits that may not be helping – involving an in-depth discussion of your medical history (covering obstetrics, gynaecology and urology) and your bladder and bowel habits,
  • assessing the strength of your pelvic floor muscles – involving a visual or internal examination, subject to your consent,
  • teaching you how to locate your pelvic floor muscles and do pelvic floor muscle exercises correctly – sadly a lot of people don’t (and do not realise),
  • tailoring an individual exercise programme to help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and reduce your risk of problems in the future or to manage existing problems, and
  • addressing poor bladder, bowel or lifestyle problems that may be damaging your pelvic floor.

Do the quick Pelvic Floor Questionnaire if you are not sure and/or see my client’s video: Patient recommends Pelvic Floor MOT.

That’s £70 well spent on your health and well-being!                         (Note I also treat men.)

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